PROJECT INFORMATION IN FIXED SLOPE NEOLOY Son Tra, DA NANG, VIETNAM - Project Name: Intercontimental Resot & Spa Da Nang. Place of execution: North Beach, Son Tra Peninsula, Son Tra District, HCMC. Danang. Item: Neoloy Slope Reinforcement Project at Intercontimental Resot & Spa Da Nang. Owner: PLANET EARTH CORPORATION

Key information on the Slope Categories Spa pools cell system by preventing network Neoloy / Neoloy:
+ Son Tra Peninsula landscape is designed into 2 parts, on the lake and the lake below, separated by 1 pumping station located between two lakes. The total area of ​​the lake is full 1,06ha with 16224,72m3 capacity, roof slopes are made of earth lake 20cm thickness, coated onto the cell system prevents network 660-100 NeoloyTM PRS 10cm height with the box compartment be backfilled with native soil. Neoloy entire system is placed on the membrane GTL. After construction is complete, the system does not protect the stability of the slope but also create green space in the resort.
+ The average height of about 3.6m lake slope, slope m = 1: 1.5
+ Material Neoloy / Neoloy used in this project are: network systems FACIAL NEOWED cell compartment / NEOLOYTM PRS 660-100: cell compartment size: 420x500mm; Cell compartment height: 100mm; Distance weld: 660mm. Brown.
+ Total volume Neoloy apply: 6.459 m2