Neoloy reinforced dike Dao Huu: K0 + 000 -: - K0 + 246 (Belongs maintenance project in 2014 dike in Nam Dinh province).

Location: Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province.  

Owner: Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Dyke Management and Flood and Departments; Nam Dinh.  

TVTK units: JSC XDNN Rural Development Consultants; Nam Dinh.  

Supervision consultant units: Investment Joint Stock Company

Construction unit: JSC JIVC.

1. CHALLENGES OF PROJECT  Dike construction in densely populated areas should be quick construction solutions and green solutions, landscape friendly people.

2 .Neoloy private solution

Reinforce neoloy 450-100 Neoloy roof tiles reinforced with roof slope 1: 2 to erosion, slope stability guarantee and landscaping Bottom lining nonwoven geotextile material against loss.

3. Benefits of the solution Neoloy

Economics: Cost Effective.    

Technique: The system prevents network cell Neoloy 3D forming flexible system capable of withstanding earthquakes.    

Application: Fast, easy, utilizing local manpower, reduce equipment requirements, traffic at the site.    

Longevity: Longevity, environmentally sustainable.

4.Ket Comments:    Construction projects accelerated and quality assurance.    

After completing Neoloy solution will bring a stable slope and "Green" environmentally friendly