1.Private projects - Project Name: Project Channel reinforced Pha Lai, Hai Duong (2015) - Location: Van An Commune, Chi Linh district, Hai Duong province, the official project

2.The challenge of the project
- Roofs current channel is just normal roofs embankment channels with little canal and increasingly shrinking due to erosion, channel roof surface.
- Therefore, the channel needs to be extended to ensure the irrigation demand and solidification of concrete surfaces.
- However, it should take measures to ensure fast construction time pouring water to keep the frontier to serve winter-spring crop, but still
meet the technical requirements.
3.Neoloy private Thong solution
- Use a PRS Neoloy 356-50.
- Backfill with cement concrete M200.
4.Benefits of the solution  Neoloy
- Economy: Cost Effective.
- Technology: Network Video Systems Neoloy cell compartment formed versatile 3D system has the ability to withstand earthquakes.
- Construction: Fast, easy, utilizing local manpower, reduce equipment requirements, traffic at the site.
- Longevity: Longevity, environmentally sustainable.
5.Clip the construction process: