TL-2000 waterprofing for New road

1. Description: TL-2000 is a compound consisting of micro asphalt black liquid,  used to waterproof and protect early for new asphalt concrete pavement. At the same time also help to repair the errors in the construction process, such as broken stone compacted, surface layer peeling carpet on ...

2. Application: Apply the maintenance, repair and extend the life of asphalt concrete layer for road pavement, port, parking lots, roads in industrial areas ...

3. Effect of TL-2000 for asphalt pavement layer

- Waterproof: after application in minutes TL-2000 will help form a membrane sealing small cracks, water-proof protection to the structure below.

- Improving the aesthetics of the road surface.

4. The frequency apply TL-2000

- For the new road, proceed to apply for the first time within the first 1-2 years when construction is complete. Then the cycle of application are from 3-5 years / times as actual mining conditions.
- For new road construction fails to conduct applied immediately after construction is complete will bring efficiency to the waterproofing and improve aesthetics.

5. Video Clip coating TL-2000 by hand