TL-2000 Asphalt Pavement Coating (Code: TL-2000-R-B-TU)

1. Description: TL-2000-RB-TU asphalt concrete mixtures superfine black liquid and homogeneous  are used to seal and protect the surface from oxidation asphalt, water, UV, 1 part restore the elasticity of old asphalt and extend the life of asphalt.

2. Application: Apply the maintenance, repair and extend the life of asphalt concrete layer for road pavement, bridge surface, port, parking lots, roads in industrial areas

3. Effect of TL-2000 for asphalt pavement layer

- Waterproof: after application in minutes TL-2000 will help form a membrane sealing small cracks, water-proof protection to the structure below.

- Improving the life of the pavement: With regenerative properties with chemical reactions will rejuvenate TL-2000 asphalt binder helps prolong the exploitation of the pavement.

4. The frequency apply TL-2000

For the old road surface has not appeared much damage should apply to the cycle of 2-3 years / times to help protect and enhance the pavement service life, saves the cost of maintenance, regular repairs.