Soup and Cold Asphalt

1.   Description: TL-2000-PB is additives used to mix with old asphalt concrete (BTN) was crushed (clean and dry) form the asphalt concrete mixture used for fillings patching potholes and flaking turn ensures traffic in all weather conditions.

2.   Application: Apply patch potholes filled for the assurance of traffic or regular maintenance and repair of roads, sphere, golf ports, roads in industrial zone …

3.   Advantages

- Advantage of a the old asphalt concrete, can be mixed on the spot or at the mixing plant.

- Low cost, high quality, patch creates unity with the old pavement. The ability to link well with the surrounding asphalt concrete layer.

4.   Product

- TL-2000 additives packed in 200kg drum or 20Kg cans used to mix with the old asphalt concrete.

- Cold asphalt packed volume of 25 - 50Kg / bag.

5.   Video Clip