1.   What is the TL-2000?

TL-2000 is a compound consisting of micro asphalt black liquid, monomers, and most are researched and developed by Co. Halik Israel. TL-2000 used in the maintenance, maintenance and repair of pavement layers BTN. TL-2000 is patented in the US. TL-2000 enhance the life of the pavement up additional 3-5 years and part asphalt has been eroded over time.      

Additionally, TL-2000 also has the ability nangchong ultraviolet, UV, anti-effects of sea salt and chemicals ...  

2.   The advantage of TL-2000

Low-cost, enhance the longevity of the way up from 3-5 years. Thus reducing maintenance costs, road maintenance.
TL-2000 is the additive component regeneration particularly likely penetrate and regenerate old asphalt concrete layer with a depth of 4 - 6 cm.
TL-2000 allows traffic after 1-2 hours depending on weather conditions, while other solutions typically from 24-48 hours. Can proceed to construction of each lane and maintaining traffic on the route.
Leveraging the old asphalt concrete material, mixed construction at the scene by the simple device or be packed easily for the user. The solution saves material compared to traditional solutions is 20%.
Materials are plentiful. Execution can simply by spray or brush compressor manually. Construction process at normal temperature conditions, not heated.

3.   TL-2000 apply for

TL-2000 is applied to asphalt concrete layer applied to:   

High way

 Top layer of bridge


Airport runway

  Fly over bridge

 4.   The TL-2000 project in Vietnam and export

Projects applying TL-2000 is the first application in 2010 in Da Nang 2/9 Street. Till now has more than 30 projects, both domestic and pilot application of foreign technology TL-2000 in the maintenance, repair and maintenance of pavement layers BTN can be listed as: Da Nang, Hanoi , Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh, Khanh Hoa, Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai ... Exports may include: Japan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Thailand ....

 5.   Video Clip introduction TL-2000 technology.