General introduction

General introduction

- Company Name: JIVC Joint Stock Company

- Name of International Trading Name: JIVC Joint Stock Company.

- Short name: JIVC., JSC

- Address: 508 Truong Chinh Street - Dong Da District - Hanoi

- Phone Number: (+84) 24 3564 1639 Fax: (+84) 24 3564 1640

- E-mail:

- Website:

JIVC Joint Stock Company was established in 2007, is a member of GFS Group (, Joint Venture with Israeli - Vietnam Cooperation Limited Company (IVC) (http: // of Israel. JIVC is the bridge between Israel and Vietnam in the fields of technology transfer from Israel, USA and Europe to Vietnam. After more than 10 years operating under the principle of "Providing Innovative Technology", JIVC Joint Stock Company is the pioneer and leader in transferring many new technologies in the field of transportation, water Benefit and build infrastructure. In particular, JIVC has successfully transferred new technology. Neoloy Cellular confinement systems  applied for foundation reinfocements on Road, temporary road, Slope, retaining walls and irrigation. Advantages, Micro asphalt TL-2000  use for Road maintenance, repairs top layer asphalt. in Vietnam. Through many difficulties and challenges, JIVC has gradually put these new technologies into practice from piloting, promoting, building Vietnam international standard and applying them to prove the superiority. Of these new technologies from there go to specific projects. Continuing the success of the transferred technologies, JIVC will continue to constantly seek out other advanced technologies and expand the field of application such as: Hi-tech Agriculture; Biotechnology; Technology architecture and construction, etc. with the motto of constantly innovating and constantly developing to achieve many new success in the next time.