Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenator TL-2000

JIVC Joint Stock Company is also the exclusive representative of HALIK Ltd., - Israel (, in transferring and applying Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenator TL-2000 technology in maintenance, rehabilitation and repairing for asphalt concrete pavements of motor roads, airfields, storehouse floors, etc…

  • Working principle of TL-2000:

TL-2000 is a black liquid single-component polymer composition for asphalt maintenance to be applied to the surface of asphalt concrete road in a thin layer by pouring or spraying and subsequent spreading. A thin-film coating is thus created. The hardening time is 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature), i.e., in 60 to 90 minutes the road may
be reopened for traffic.

  • Applications of Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenator TL-2000:
  1. Thin Membrane (Fog seal):
This technique involves application of thin layer of TL-2000 to the surface of an existing pavement in order to extend its service life. TL-2000 extends the road service life by 8-10 years by penetration into pavement and rejuvenation of its bitumen. TL-2000 should be applied for asphalt pavement after 2 years operation.
  1. Chip seal:
Road coating with chip seal consist in that the sprayed asphalt is immediately covered with aggregate and rolled. By replacing the commonly used binder by TL-2000, one can obtain stronger bonding to the aggregates, thus providing skid resistance and a waterproof for longer periods.
  1. Crack sealing: TL-2000 can be applied very effective for sealing various cracks with the crack width from 5mm to 5cm.
  1. Pothole patching: TL-2000 is mixed with milled-off asphalt concrete or a certain ratio with aggregate to fill simply in potholes in any weather, no special preparation of potholes, no cleaning the pavement surface, no debris removal, no cutting to form vertical sides. And the road may be opened for traffic immediately after the completion of work. Moreover, this material may be stored for a long time, indoors or outdoors in any weather, without any cracking or clodding.
  1. Bridge and viaduct construction and maintenance using TL-2000:

The use of TL-2000 is especially advantageous on bridges and viaducts because excellent waterproofing properties of the material prevent water penetration to the structure reinforcement. The optimum results are achieved by using the thin membrane method of preventive or corrective maintenance.



  • The advantages of TL-2000
  1. After application to the road surface, and complete hardening (complete polymerization), a thin membrane coating occurs, preventing penetration of water, protecting the road from ultraviolet and infrared solar radiation and various other chemical.
  2. TL-2000 allows an increase in road grip of a rubber tired by about 20 to 30%.
  3. 95% of material can be used from Vietnam.
  4. The material is easily and quickly applied to underground concrete surfaces by using an air compressor, or with a hand brush, ensuring perfect damp sealing.
  5. Longevity of road surfaces between 8 to 10 years, whereas competitor’s products last between 3 to 4 years. A saving on road maintenance costs of over 100%.
  6. Cost effective application – One layer of between 0.50 mm to 1 mm thickness in comparison to other products which are between 15mm to 45 mm in thickness and some need two layers.
  7. TL-2000 does not contain solvents and doesn’t cause any damage to the road or environment.
  8. As well as the application of TL-2000 to asphalt concrete pavements of roads and highways, TL-2000 cab also be applied to airfield runaways, warehouse floors, parking garages, sealing of concrete roofs, etc…
  9. Having special adhesive properties, TL-2000 reliably binds stone material to the road forming a strong connection for years. Such treatment corrects any defects of the road surface, rejuvenating the asphalt concrete bitumen and restores its list properties, unlike other sealants and emulsions that do not have these properties.
    • TL-2000 Worldwide
      1. TL-2000 is patented in the United State, Japan, Europe, South America, Holland, Mexico, South Africa and Russia.
      2. TL-2000 is approved and tested by the following countries and institutions: Danish road Institute- Denmark; Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Communication, China; German TUV Standards Bureau; Euro cover tests (Holland); NDO; Israel – MAAT Government Road Authority; Israeli Technion; The Standard Institution of Israel “MATI”; The Rubber research Association – Israel; Russia Federation General & Road Institute for Materials & structure – Russia; Moscow State automobile & Road Institute – Russia; Texas Department of Transport; Poly Plastics Corp USA; The Institute of Investigative Ways and Bridges – Poland; Permanent Council for Construction – Romania; and Department of Transport & Public Works – South Africa.
      • Reference Documents.

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